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What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me in my Florida slip and fall case?

For your slip-and-fall case you should look for in your attorney an attorney that has done these specific types of cases before. You want an attorney who specializes in injury cases, because that type of attorney is going to know early on how to proceed with the case, what evidence should be gathered, and the […]

What should I do after I fall to protect my rights?

In order to protect your rights after you fall, there’s several things you should do. First of all, you should take a picture of any condition that may have caused you to fall. You should also gathering any information regarding witnesses that may have seen you fall. You also should notify either the owner of […]

What is a negligent security claim?

A negligent security claim is a claim where you’ve been injured on someone’s property and you’ve been injured as a result of a crime or you’ve been assaulted, something along those effects. It’s because of the crime on the property or in the surrounding area. The owner of the property should have had security, and […]

Should I take any photographs if I was injured in a slip and fall?

If you’re injured in a slip and fall, it is always important to take photographs at the scene. The reason for that is Florida slip and fall cases are very strongly contested. It is very important for your lawyer to be able to prove the condition as it existed at the time of your fall. […]

How is a Florida property or business owner’s liability determined?

You can prove liability on the part of a property owner or business owner by showing one of two things. If the property or business owner failed to maintain its premises in a reasonably safe condition, that is negligence. Also, or in addition to that, if you can prove that the property owner or business […]

Do I have a claim in Florida if unsafe conditions on someone else’s property caused my injury?

You do have a claim in Florida if unsafe conditions cause your injury. In Florida, you can prove negligence on the part of a landowner or business owner if they fail to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition, or if they knew of a dangerous condition or should have known of a dangerous […]

Can I sue my Florida employer for a fall?

In Florida worker’s comp is the exclusive remedy for your injuries if you’re injured on the job. There are rare circumstances where you can sue employer but that would have to be something unusual, perhaps something rising to the level of gross negligence in the case. But generally speaking, you would have to go through […]

Are witnesses important in a Florida slip and fall case?

Witnesses, even more so than car accidents, are very important in a slip and fall case. The reason for that is slip and fall cases in Florida are highly contested. Slip and fall cases often involve allegations of sub substance on the floor, some condition that may have existed for some short period of time. […]