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What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me in my Florida pedestrian accident case?

First and foremost, someone considering hiring an attorney for their accident case wants to find an attorney that does, if not exclusively injury cases, predominately that’s what the lawyer does in his practice. That’s important because obviously you want a lawyer with a certain expertise that has handled these cases before, and is willing to […]

What should a victim do if approached with a settlement by an insurance company?

If approached by an insurance company about settling a case, particularly early on, you should be very cautious. It’s really important that you talk to a lawyer about this. A lawyer’s going to have unique expertise in what a reasonable value is for the injury and for the case, and oftentimes, when the insurance company […]

What must I prove in order to win my Florida pedestrian accident case?

What you have to prove in any negligence case is that one, there is liability. That someone had a duty and they failed in the duty, they committed negligence and they’ve caused you injury. The second part is you have to prove what are your damages, meaning what injuries do you have, what are your […]

What if I was partially at-fault for the Florida accident because I was walking outside of a crosswalk or running across the street?

If you’re partially at fault as a pedestrian in a accident case you can still make a recovery in Florida due to the fact that Florida is what’s called a comparative negligence state, and so you can recovery your percentage of the damages as to how much liability the other person has. You can recover […]

I’ve been hurt in a Florida pedestrian accident and I want to file a claim for my injuries. What’s the first thing I should do?

If you’re injured as a pedestrian in Florida, you can absolutely make a claim if there is another party that caused your injuries, and so it’s important early on to identify who caused the injuries, and whether or not they have an insurance company. This is something that your attorney can find out early on, […]

How long do I have to file a Florida pedestrian accident case?

The statute of limitations in Florida is four years for any accident case involving negligence, whether you’re a pedestrian or passenger in a car. So You have four years, that’s the timeframe within which you have to file lawsuit. But you should talk to a lawyer early on because you can make your claim well […]