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Why should I consider hiring you?

You should consider hiring me to represent you in your auto accident case, or any injury case, because I pride myself on representing the client myself. In other words, I own my own law firm, and I personally meet with every one of my clients. I will represent you and communicate with you throughout the […]

Why did you decide to become an attorney?

I decided to become an attorney because, frankly, that’s what I had an idea of doing ever since I was high school. In high school, I was very much involved with public speaking and debating, and I did the mock trial team. It was once I did that early on in my life, I never […]

What would your past clients say about you?

My past clients would say that I’m very thorough, that I’m very caring and that I really listen to the client’s needs. That’s something I’ve always taken pride in. I have clients of all different kinds. And I am personally proud of being able to connect with all of my clients. And I feel like […]

What makes working with you different than other lawyers?

What makes working with me different than other lawyers is I’ve been told frequently over the years that I’m very personable with my clients and that I stay involved directly with my clients. I communicate with you all along the way. I do pride myself in returning my own phone calls. I will not meet […]

What is your process?

My process in representing a client is to get involved very early on so that I can fully investigate the case and make sure all the clients needs are being met. Making sure the client gets all the treatment that the client needs. And that’s important for me to be involved early on and throughout […]

What is your approach?

My approach whenever a client contacts me about an injury case is to first and foremost meet with the client in person right away. I do that whether I need to come to the client, I’m always happy to do that, or of course have the client come to my office. It’s important for me […]

What is the advantage of referring you a case?

When I get referred a case the advantage is that I can immediately get involved and thoroughly investigate the case and pursue every angle available. Over the years I’ve worked for various firms when I’ve owned my law firm for the past eight years, and I pride myself on representing people and communicating with the […]