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Are there special rules that apply to commercial trucks in Florida?

There are a lot of special rules that apply to commercial trucking accident cases in Florida. So it’s important to hire a lawyer that knows what these rules are. Particularly, there are many rules about the amount of hours the driver of a commercial truck can drive, and there area countless other rules that you […]

Are there alternatives to going to court in a Florida auto accident case?

In a Florida auto accident case, there are always alternatives to going to court. Namely, most jurisdictions in Florida, mediation is mandatory. Mediation is a very good process. Frankly, most cases settle with mediation, or between mediation trial. What mediation is, is it’s a very informal process where all parties get together with the assistance […]

Are punitive damages available in a Florida auto accident case?

Punitive damages are allowed in a Florida auto accident case. However, it’s the rare case that would involve punitive damages being allowed. There has to be extreme circumstances, gross negligence or something that would not normally occur in a Florida automobile accident case, but they certainly can arise in some cases, such as a DUI […]

Are there parties other than the at-fault driver against whom I can take legal action in a Florida auto accident case?

There can potentially be other parties other than the at-fault driver to pursue in a case, namely, if the owner is different than the at-fault driver. The owner can also be pursued due to the negligence of the driver of that vehicle in causing the collision. Additionally, if the at-fault driver is working for someone, […]

Am I required to buy auto insurance in Florida if I own or lease a car?

You are required to buy auto insurance if you own or lease a car in Florida. Florida is a no fault state, and so you have to, at a minimum, purchase a policy that provides what’s called PIP benefits, which is no fault coverage that pays for your own medical bills. And you also will […]

How long does it take to settle a Florida auto accident case?

The amount of time it takes to settle a Florida automobile accident case largely depends on the amount of treatment that a client requires. Generally speaking, if the client has injuries that do not require surgery, oftentimes we see that treatment concluded in a four to six-month period. However, if the injuries persist, if the […]