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What does negligence mean regarding personal injury lawsuits?

Negligence in personal injury lawsuits just simply means that someone had a duty and they failed in that duty and that caused injury to another. Typically in car accidents you see that where you get rear-ended or somehow the other driver failed to maintain his duties as a reasonable person would while driving his car. […]

What documents should I bring with me to my personal injury lawyer consultation?

To the initial consultation with a lawyer, you should bring the police report, which will identify any of the other parties involved in the collision, as well as any photographs taken at the scene of damage to the cars or photos depicting your injuries. As well as any medical records that may have all ready […]

What documents or evidence should I bring with me the first time I meet my attorney following my Florida car accident?

Generally speaking, when you first come to meet with your attorney, you should bring any and all documents you have that relate to your collision. Namely, that would be the police report, because that would identify the at-fault parties, and pictures you may have of the cars taken at the scene, any of your medical […]

What constitutes pain and suffering in a Florida auto accident case?

Pain and suffering is what’s referred to in Florida as non-economic damages. In Florida you’re allowed to recover for economic damages, which is your medical bills and loss wages. In addition to that, non-economic damages is something that you can awarded by a jury in Florida in auto accident cases if you’re found to have […]

What constitutes a personal injury case?

A personal injury case is anyone who’s been injured due to someone else’s negligence. We see it a lot in car accident cases, say if you get rear-ended in a collision, and you’ve sustained injuries, that’s a personal injury case, but beyond that, people can be injured in all kinds of ways. You could be […]

What can I do in Florida if a dog bites me?

If a dog bites you in Florida, then you can make a negligence claim against the owner of the dog under what’s called strict liability. So you just simply have to prove that … who the owner of the dog was, the dog bit you and you suffered damages. And so, you can recover your […]

What are the dog bite laws in Florida?

If you suffer a dog bite in Florida, then you are allowed to make a claim against the owner of the dog. In Florida is considered strict liability, and so if you can prove that you have a dog bite from someone in Florida, you will be allowed to recover your damages as result of […]

What are the consequences of texting while driving?

Texting while driving is now illegal in Florida. And so if someone is texting and driving while they cause an accident where you’re injured, then it could potentially lead to punitive damages in addition to your regular damages. Because what will often happen is that your attorney will be able to subpoena their cell phone […]

What are subrogation rights?

Subrogation rights pertain to if a health insurance company pays your bills for an automobile accident, the health insurance company can then make a subrogation claim against any recovery you may have. The reason for this that Florida is a no fault state. And so you are required to have your bills paid by your […]

What are PIP benefits and what does it pay for?

Florida is a no-fault state. So, what that means is that as the owner of a vehicle, you’re required to carry what’s called PIP or personal injury protection benefits. What PIP is is PIP pays your own medical bills. If you’re injured in a car accident, your own insurance through PIP pays 80% of your […]

The car accident was the other driver’s fault. Can I just settle it myself without an attorney?

It is rarely if ever a good idea to settle your case without at least talking to an attorney. Oftentimes in Florida, insurance companies will contact you directly and try to settle your case for just a fraction of what your case is worth. While you certainly can do that, it is never really a […]

Should I take any photographs if I was injured in a slip and fall?

If you’re injured in a slip and fall, it is always important to take photographs at the scene. The reason for that is Florida slip and fall cases are very strongly contested. It is very important for your lawyer to be able to prove the condition as it existed at the time of your fall. […]