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Representing Victims of Personal Injury throughout Florida

The Brockwell Firm is dedicated exclusively to protecting the rights of victims of personal injury throughout the state of Florida.

The Brockwell Firm combines attorney Heath Brockwell’s experience in litigating major personal injury cases — winning substantial settlements and verdicts — with unsurpassed personal attention and service given to each individual client.

Heath Brockwell formerly defended major insurance companies, but now brings his 20+ years of experience at handling and litigating personal injury cases to helping persons who have been negligently or wrongfully harmed by others.

Personal attention with top quality legal skill

You deal with attorney Heath Brockwell personally. Your phone calls and other messages go directly to him — not into a queue to be handled by office staff.

At The Brockwell Firm we pay attention to your concerns large and small, from beginning to end. For example, in an auto injury case, our efforts extend from helping you get your vehicle fixed or replaced quickly to aggressively pursuing all responsible parties for full damages to compensate you for all harm you have suffered.

A free consultation is available for all cases, with Heath Brockwell talking to you candidly to learn all the facts of your situation and your personal concerns regarding it.

He frankly tells you his opinion of the prospects for your claim and explains all the steps that will be involved in pursuing it, including:

  • Collecting evidence
  • Identifying liable parties
  • Documenting all harm you have suffered
  • Negotiating with insurers and other defendants
  • If necessary, going to trial

You understand the course your case is taking at all times, and are the final decision maker.

The great majority of cases are settled without trial. Your chance of receiving a fair and timely settlement from an insurer without trial is enhanced because you are represented from the start by an attorney known to be capable of going to trial if necessary.

More than money damages

The Brockwell Firm also relieves stress that victims of accidents invariably feel when dealing with personal injury, expensive medical bills and possible loss of income. We deal with insurance companies on your behalf, ensure that necessary medical attention is received, and bills get paid. When problems arise we handle them or tell you how to handle them without worry.

Get personal service from a small firm that handles big cases

We lift the burden of dealing with insurance companies, and give the peace of mind of knowing your rights are protected. There are no legal fees or costs if we do not recover on your behalf. For a free consultation call The Brockwell Firm at 904.372.4210 or contact us online.